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Manual Digest de las Valls neutras de Andorra (Manual digest of the neutral valleys of Andorra), also known as simply the Manual Digest, is a handwritten compilation of the history, government, and customs and traditions of Andorra. It covers the history of Andorra back to the early Middle Ages, as well as government, religion, privileges, the customs of the valleys, exemptions, and prerogatives. The work was compiled by Antoni Fiter i Rossell (born 1706), the chief magistrate of episcopal Andorra, at the request and for the use of the Consejo General (General Council of the Valleys), the elected assembly of the Principality of Andorra. Despite the importance of Fiter i Rossell’s writing and the documents he assembled and the recognition still accorded him in judicial and legislative affairs, this book has never been published in full. The compilation contains the transcribed historical records of Andorra, beginning with documents issued by Charlemagne (742‒814) and his son Louis the Pious (778‒840). It also includes the series of moral rules grouped under the name of the “Principles.” These rules are a continuation of Catalan common law, based on Roman and canon law and embodied in the Usatges (or Usages) of Barcelona, the legal code promulgated by Ramon Berenguer I (circa 1023‒1076), the count of Barcelona, in 1064–68. The documents are in Catalan and Latin.

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Manual Digest de las Valls neutras de Andorra


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536 pages


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