Recognition of the Consell de la Terra


In this document dated February 11, 1419, Francisco de Tovia, bishop of Urgell, in response to a request by the important men of the valleys of Andorra, approves the Consell de la Terra (Council of the Land) and allows for the annual election of those charged with taking care of matters concerning the valleys. In the same document, in response to another request, the archbishop decrees that no citizen of Andorra found innocent in a trial should be liable for the payment of the notary's fee or any other costs incurred for information, inquiries, or proceedings in connection with the citizen’s trial. The document is in Catalan and Latin. Under the pariatge, or pariage treaty of 1278, the Principality of Andorra was placed under the joint suzerainty of the bishop of Urgell (Spain) and the French count of Foix (whose rights later were transferred to the French crown, later the government of France, and eventually to the president of France).

Last updated: March 24, 2017