The Principality of Andorra and Its Political Constitution


Francisco Pallerola y Gabriel was a jurist from La Seu d'Urgell (also seen as Seo de Urgel), the town in the Spanish Pyrenees that is the seat of the bishop of Urgel, one of the co-princes of Andorra. Pallerola y Gabriel served as an episcopal magistrate in Andorra for more than 30 years. During that time, he collected voluminous amounts of information about the principality, underlining the importance of Andorran public law. El Principado de Andorra y su constitución política (The Principality of Andorra and its political constitution) is a work by Pallerola y Gabriel that distills his knowledge about the principality. The work is in three sections. The first summarizes the history of Andorra, with the aim of contextualizing and clarifying the subsequent sections of the work for the reader. The second section covers Andorran institutions, drawing upon such important works as Antoni Fiter i Rossell’s Manual Digest, published in 1748, and Antoni Puig’s Politar Andorrà, published in 1764. The third and last part is a summary of the history of Andorran private law. The book is indexed and includes illustrations of important places and personages in Andorra and a map of the principality.

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Sol & Benet, Lérida, Spain


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El Principado de Andorra y su constitución política


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285 pages : portrait, maps ; 22 x 16 centimeters

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