Geographical Studies of the Valleys of Andorra


Jean François Bladé (1827‒1900) was a French lawyer, historian, and folklorist. He was one of the great French historical investigators of the 19th century. Driven by his desire to understand the French vegueria (ancient administrative division) in Andorra, he wrote Études géographiques sur la Vallée d'Andorre (Geographical studies of the valleys of Andorra), a compendium on the geography, ethnography, and history of Andorra. Unlike other works previously published on this subject, Études géographiques sur la Vallée d'Andorre offers an important investigation into the historical sources relating to Andorra, based on the analysis of multiple private and institutional archives held in Spain, France, and Andorra, including the Archives of the Six Keys (present-day Archives of the Seven Keys, the oldest component of the National Archives of Andorra). Bladé complements the documentary investigation with analysis of the detailed fieldwork he carried out. He describes the physical geography, institutions, climatology, manners and customs, language and literature, and the culture of Andorra, among other topics. An important part of the book analyzes the borders of Andorra with Spain and with France. The book includes a map drawn by the author, in which he points out the importance of respecting the original Catalonian place-names and identifies the parish (administrative) divisions as well as numerous places of interest.

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Joseph Baer and Company, Paris


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Études géographiques sur la Vallée d'Andorre


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104 pages : maps ; 22 centimeters


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