On the Divine Services


Rupert of Deutz, also known as Rupertus Tuitiensis (circa 1075–1129), was the abbot of the Benedictine monastery of Saint Heribert at Deutz (today part of Cologne, Germany). He is known for being an influential theologian whose extensive literary works on liturgical topics had a considerable influence on other theologians in the German-speaking lands. One of his main works, De divinis officiis (On the divine services), is an interpretation of the symbolism of the liturgy. This manuscript, which was probably produced in or near Deutz in around 1127 and was dedicated to Bishop Kuno of Regensburg, contains two outline drawings, one of Abbot Rupert and Bishop Kuno together with a cleric named Stephanus (folio 1 recto), and the other a quite famous portrait of Rupert (folio 1 verso). Although the manuscript was not produced in the Regensburg region, it exerted great influence on illumination in Bavaria and Salzburg in the 12th century. From the 12th to the early 19th centuries, it was kept in the Benedictine monastery of Saint Emmeram in Regensburg before it was transferred, in connection with the monastery's dissolution, to the royal court library in Munich, the present-day Bavarian State Library.

Last updated: October 17, 2017