First Nerchinsk Regiment of Zabaikal Cossack Troops


The First Nerchinsk Cossack Regiment was created in 1898 on the basis of the First Chita Regiment. In May 1899, the regiment was relocated from Chita to the Ussuriisk Region. In 1900, it was sent to Manchuria in connection with Russia’s participation in the European effort to quell the Boxer Rebellion, an uprising against foreign influence in China. The regiment later participated in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05 before returning to Chita after a six-year absence. This book is a historical outline of the regiment’s activities in 1898-1906, and includes maps and diagrams of battles, photographs, and black-and-white and colored illustrations by the artist N. Samokish.

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Association of R. Golik and A. Vil'borg, Saint Petersburg


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1-й Нерчинский полк Забайкальского казачьего войска

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177 pages : illustrated, 5 sheets of illustrations, maps, portraits

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