The Golden Legend Featuring Saint Prokop


This late 15th-century manuscript contains a Czech version of the Legenda aurea (The golden legend) by Jacobus de Voragine (circa 1229–circa 1298), along with an account of Saint Prokop or Procopius (circa 980–1053), the patron saint of Bohemia. The contents of the manuscript are identical to one held in the National Museum in Prague (sign. III. D. 44). In the 19th century this codex was owned by the Slovak Museums Society. The scribe who created the manuscript, Simon de Ducky, recorded his name and the date of its completion, 1495. Legenda aurea is a collection of legendary lives of the saints. De Voragine, a priest who became archbishop of Genoa and who was known for his piety and preaching throughout Lombardy, originally gave the work the title Legenda sanctorum, but it soon came to be known as The Golden Legend by readers who considered it worth its weight in gold. Prokop was a Czech priest and recluse who lived in a cave overlooking the Sázava River. He later became the first abbot of the Sázava Monastery, which was established by the Duke of Bohemia in 1032 and which used the Slavonic liturgy. Prokop was canonized in 1804.

Last updated: July 18, 2016