Dialogues of Saint Gregory the Great. Fragment


This fragment containing a part of the Dialogues traditionally ascribed to Saint Gregory the Great (540–604; Pope Gregory I, 590–604) from the 11th century is considered to be the oldest artifact in the collection of medieval codex fragments kept in the literary archives in the Slovak National Library. Of unknown provenance and by an unknown scribe, the fragment is part of a manuscript that was used by and originally preserved in the milieu of the Bratislava Franciscans. The Dialogues and homilies of Saint Gregory were widely read in Europe in the Middle Ages. The first three books of the Dialogues recount the deeds of Italian saints, with the second book devoted entirely to Saint Benedict (circa 480–547), author of the famous Rule of Benedict for monks and founder of the abbey and monastery of Monte Cassino near Rome.

Last updated: July 18, 2016