Woodcut from Prüss’s Latin Bible


Presented here is a hand-colored devotional single-sheet woodcut inspired by one of the compositional schemes of the German engraver and painter Martin Schongauer (circa 1450‒91). The artist has not been identified. The theme is the Resurrection of Christ. The detail is a lively scene with large figural extras, dominated by the figure of Christ with a triumphant flag and a double cross in his left hand. In the front and on the left side by the tomb are soldiers with their weapons. On the right, behind Christ, is an angel removing the cover of the empty tomb. In the back is a group of figures entering the gate of the cemetery, led by the three Marys mentioned in Chapter 16 of the Gospel of Mark—Mary Salome, Mary mother of James, and Mary Magdalene—who are approaching the grave with containers of myrrh and balm. Further back is a symbolic landscape and the rising sun. The woodcut was probably imported separately from Nuremberg, Germany, and subsequently glued to the inside front cover of a copy of an incunabulum Latin Bible, printed by Johann Prüss (1447‒1510) in Strasbourg in 1489.

Last updated: July 18, 2016