Calendar for the Years 1486 through 1504


This unique, single-leaf print is a rare fragment of the perpetual calendar in Latin for the years 1486 to 1504 issued by the Nuremberg printer Konrad, or Conrad, Zeninger in Venice in 1486. The page is printed with initials in red and black. It lists saints and their feast days. At the bottom is a table showing the predicted occurrence of different phases of the moon in different months and years. Fragments of pages from this work exist in two other libraries in Germany and Austria, but this page from the Slovak National Library is the best-preserved exemplar in the world. It is believed that the type for the calendar was created by Bernardino Giolito de’ Ferrari, known as Bernardino Stagnino, a printer from northern Italy who was active in Venice between 1483 and 1538, and who often cooperated with printers and booksellers on the northern side of the Alps.

Date Created

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Conrad Zeninger, Venice


Title in Original Language

Kalendarium perpetuum ad annos 1486–1504

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1 folio ; 318 x 462 millimeters

Last updated: July 18, 2016