Complete Geographical Map of the Great Qing Dynasty


Da Qing wan nian yi tong di li yuan tu (Complete geographical map of the great Qing dynasty) is a map of China during the Qing dynasty. A typical map of the administrative divisions of China in this period, it is a revised edition, issued between 1796 and 1820, of the map originally drawn by Huang Qianren (1694‒1771) in the 32nd year (1767) of the Qianlong reign. The new material is shown in blue and green. Information has been added relating to all the newly established prefectures, sub-prefectures, departments, and districts from the end of the Kangxi reign in 1722 to the beginning of Jiaqing in 1796. The annotations on the map mention the usefulness of marking every 100 square li (a Chinese unit of distance; one li equals about 0.5 kilometer), but such a scale is not shown on the map. The mapmaker’s original intention was to create eight vertical scrolls that could be seen hanging on a wall, allowing the viewer to see a representation of the rivers and mountains of China. However, in order to make the map easier to fold and store, during the mounting of the scrolls the map was cut into 24 sheets, which then were combined into a single map.

Last updated: July 27, 2016