Grand Guiding Principles of the Analects of Master Huian: 13 Juan


Huian an sheng yu lu da gang ling (The grand guiding principles of the analects of Master Huian) is a collection of writing by Zhu Xi of the Song dynasty. Zhu Xi (1130‒1200), courtesy name Yuanhui, later changed to Zhonghui, style names Huian and Huiweng, also called Master Huian or Master Ziyang, was born in Wuyuan, Huizhou (in present-day Jiangxi). He received his jinshi degree in the 18th year (1148) of the Shaoxing era. Zhu Xi lived during the reigns of four Song emperors: Gaozong, Xiaozong, Guangzong, and Ningzong. He was the most important master of Neo-Confucianism in the Southern Song. Because of his long residency in Jianyang (in present-day Fujian), those associated with his ideas were also called the Min school (Min is another name for Fujian). The inscription in juan 1 reads: “Recorded by thirteen disciples.” The latter were Zhu Xi’s students, among them Liao Deming, Yu Daya, Li Hongzu, Ye Hesun, Pan Shiju, Dong Zhu, Jin Quwei, Wan Renjie, and Yang Daofu. The collection contains more than 300 sayings of Master Zhu, grouped under 24 headings, such as Xin xing qing cai (Mind and heart uniting human nature and emotion), ming (divinely ordered life), dao de (virtue), cheng jing (sincerity and respect), li yue (ritual and music), zhong shu (benevolence), and so on. These represented the core ideas of Zhu Xi, and they were selected and put together so that later generations could easily find them. The work has three appendices. In appendix 3 is an essay entitled “Disciple Huang Gan, Mianzhai, explains the teachings of our master.” It is dated: “gathering with fellow pupils and wise men at the temple of our master, mid-autumn of the ninth year (1216) of Jiading reign.” Thus the earliest possible date for this work is 1216. The taboo word for Emperor Ningzong’s name was avoided, which indicates that the printed version came into existence not long after the work was completed. It is extremely valuable.

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3 volumes : stitch-bound ; 26.2 x 13.8 centimeters

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