Ci Poetry by Jiaxuan: 12 Juan


Xin Qiji (1140‒1207), courtesy name You’an, style name Jiaxuan, a native of Licheng Xian, Jinan Prefecture, Shandong Donglu (present-day Licheng Qu, Jinan, Shandong), was a famed Southern Song ci poet and was jointly known, with Su Shi (1037‒1101), as Su-Xin. The subjects of Xin’s poetry span a wide range of topics. He skillfully employed many allusions in his poems. The styles of his ci poetry varied, from brave, unrestrained, and heroic to exquisite, gentle, and charming. The main characteristics throughout his work are his patriotic passion fired by the hope of restoring China’s unity and his sorrow and indignation that his great aspirations were difficult to fulfill. He also wrote a number of poems that recite the names of rivers and mountains of his motherland. Jiaxuan chang duan ju (Ci poetry by Jiaxuan) has been handed down from generation to generation. More than 600 of his poems remain in existence. Presented here is a print edition published by Guangxin Shuyuan in Qianshan in the third year (1299) of the Dade reign of Yuan dynasty. It contains 573 of Xin’s poems in 12 juan. It is typeset in the running writing script style (semi-cursive), characterized by fluttering and dancing strokes and mellow and exquisite characters, sparse and pleasing to the eye. It is unique, the only surviving copy of the edition. It is also an artistic treasure of Yuan book printing.

Last updated: June 2, 2016