Collected Poems by Meng Haoran: 3 Juan


Meng Haoran shi ji (Collected poems by Meng Haoran) is by a Tang dynasty poet Meng Haoran (689‒740). His given name is unknown, although Hao has been suggested. Haoran was his courtesy name. Born in Xiangyang, Xiangzhou (present-day Xiangyang, Hubei), he also was known as Meng Xiangyang. Living during the High Tang period, Meng Haoran was not successful in pursuing an official career and throughout his life mostly lived as a recluse in his birthplace. Most of his poetry consists of five-word poems. The subject of the poems is mainly landscapes, pastorals, enjoyment of a reclusive life, and lyrics on the mood of official travel. His style is plain and natural. He and Wang Wei (701‒61), another major Tang poet, were jointly known as Wang-Meng. Both were representatives of the school of landscape and pastoral poetry. Meng Haoran’s poetry was printed in various editions. As one of the series of Tang liu shi jia ji (Collected works of 60 Tang poets), this edition is the earliest compilation printed in Sichuan during the Song dynasty. It contains 214 poems in three juan.

Last updated: June 2, 2016