Collected Works of Tao Yuanming: 10 Juan


Tao Yuanming (circa 372‒427), also called Tao Qian, courtesy name Yuanliang, born in Xunyang Caisang (near present-day Jiujiang, Jiangxi), was a great poet who lived during the Eastern Jin (317‒420) and Liu Song (420‒79) of the Northern and Southern dynasties (420‒589). This is the earliest edition of Tao Yuanmin ji. Book catalogs, such as Zhizhai shu lu jie ti (Catalog with explanations of books in Zhizhai Studio), Junzhai du shu zhi (Records of books read at Junzhai Studio), and Wen xian tong kao. Jing ji men (Comprehensive investigations of literary sources and documents: Bibliographic chapter) all listed this work. The copy was handed down by famous book collectors from one to another, including Wen Peng and Mao Jin’s publishing house, Jiguge, during the Ming dynasty, and Huang Pilie, Wang Shizhong, and Yang Yizeng’s private library, Haiyuange, during the Qing. Consequently, an array of seal impressions of collectors is found in the book. Among the Ming seals are Wen Peng zhi yin (Seal of Wen Peng), Jigu zhu ren (Owner of Jiguge); among the Qing are Bai song yi chan (100 Song books in one house, name of one of Huang Pilie’s studios), Tao Tao shi (The name of another studio of Huang Pilie), Langyuan fu (Wang Shizhong’s style name), Yang Shaohe du guo (Read by Yang Shaohe), Songcun shushi (another of Yang Shaohe’s seals), and others. Huang Pilie (1763‒1825) was a famed Qing bibliophile. He placed this book, together with Tao’s poetry collection annotated by Tang Han, in his Tao Tao Studio, and attached a handwritten inscription which reads: “Number one book of Jingjie ji (Collection of Jingjie, Tao’s posthumous name) at Tao Tao Studio.” In 1952 book collector Zhou Shutao (1891‒1984) donated this book to the National Library of China.

Last updated: June 2, 2016