Commentary of the Songs of Chu: 8 Juan, Dialectics of the Songs of Chu: 2 Juan, Words after the Songs of Chu: 6 Juan


Chu ci ji zhu (Commentary of the songs of Chu) includes Chu ci ji zhu, Bian zheng (Dialectics of the songs of Chu), and Hou yu (Words after the songs of Chu). Collected by the late Western Han scholar Liu Xiang (77‒6 BCE), it contains a total of 16 works, including Li sao (Sorrow after the departing), Jiu ge (Nine songs), Tian wen (Asking heaven) and Jiu zhang (Nine elegies) by poet Qu Yuan (circa 340-278 BCE); and other works written in the Chu ci style, by Song Yu (circa 319‒298 BCE), Jing Cha, Jia Yi, Huainan Xiaoshan, and others. During the Eastern Han, Wang Yi added his own elegy Jiu si (Nine longings) and two prefaces by Ban Gu, with his commentary, and thus it became 17 juan. During the Northern Song, Hong Xingzu (1090‒1155) compiled Chu ci bu zhu (Supplementary notes to Chu ci). Zhu Xi (1130‒1200) of the Southern Song also wrote commentary on Chu ci, as well as Bian zheng (Dialectics), to correct errors in the old commentaries. He also added Hou yu (Words after the songs of Chu), based on Xu Chu ci (Continuation of the Chu ci) and Bian Li sao (Changing Li sao) by Chao Buzhi. In addition, he collected 52 works, written in the Chu ci style, by authors from Xun Qing of the Han to Lü Dalin of the Northern Song. This copy is a printed edition of the Duanping reign (1234‒36) of the Southern Song, including all three parts in one single work. According to the postscript written by Zhu Jian, the grandson of Zhu Xi, in the second year (1235) of the Duanping reign, one of the works, Fan Li sao (Against Li sao), was taken out of the commentary, and two works, Diao Qu Yuan (Lament for Qu Yuan) and Fu fu (Ode to Fu), were taken out of Hou yu. The book was printed in Xingguo Jun (in present-day Hubei). Scholar Zheng Zhenduo (1898‒1958) considered it the earliest and the most complete printed edition. The work was originally held in Haiyuange, the private library of the Yang family. It is now in the National Library of China. 

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Zhu Jian, Yangxin, China


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楚辞集注 : 八卷, 辨证 : 二卷, 后语 : 六卷

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6 volumes ; 32.2 x 20.8 centimeters


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