Interpretation of the Book of Rites: 70 Juan


Li ji zheng yi (Interpretation of the Book of Rites), issued in 70 juan, and compiled by Kong Yingda and others, was a revised Song-Yuan edition by Huang Tang of Sanshan, an official at the Tea and Salt Office of Liangzhedong Lu Circuit during the Southern Song. It was held in the collection of Jia Sidao (1213‒75), Southern Song emperor Lizong’s chancellor, and has a seal impression bearing Jia’s style name, Qiuhe tu shu (Qiuhe’s books). In the early Qing, it was held in the collections of Sun Chengze (1592‒1676) and Ji Zhenyi (1630‒74). When Ji’s books were scattered, it was purchased by Wu Yongyi, style name Zhuo’an or Zhuo’an Xingren, for his library, named Huangchuan Shuwu. It later was acquired by the Kong family of Qufu. Consequently, this book bears multiple seal impressions reflecting its long history of owners. Among the seals are: Beiping Sun shi (Sun family of Beiping), Ji yin Zhenyi (Seal of Ji Zhenyi), Ji Zhenyi zi Shenxi hao Cangwei (Ji Zhenyi, courtesy name Shenxi, style name Cangwei), and Cangwei, Yu shi zhi zhang (Seal of the Investigating Censor). It also includes seals of Hui Dong (a Qing scholar, 1697‒1758) and Dingyu (Hui Dong’s courtesy name); Kong Jihan (1739‒83) and Qiaomeng (Kong Jihan’s courtesy name); Wanyan Jingxian jing jian (Appreciated by Wanyan Jingjian), Xianxitang jian ding (Appraised by Xianxitang), Xiaoru’an mi ji (Xiaoru’an’s secret book collection), Wanyan Jingxian zi Xiangfu hao Pusun yi zi Renzhai bie hao Xiaoru’an yin (Seal of Wanyan Jingxian, courtesy name Xiangfu, style name Pusun, other courtesy name Renzhai, other style name Xiaoru’an), and some of his other seals, such as Jing xing wei xian and Jin zhang shi xi Jing xing wei xian (two of Wanyan’s seals). There are six seals of the qu dramatist Yuan Kewen (1890‒1931): Yuan Kewen, Kewen, Yuan, Ningsong, Ren jian gu ben and Hanyun Miji zhen cang zhi yin (Seal of the Hanyun Miji treasures). Short of money a few years later, Yuan Kewen was compelled to sell this copy to Pan Zongzhou (1867‒1939), who had just finished the building of his private library and was overjoyed to make the acquisition. He named his library Baolitang (Treasure Hall) to express how much he valued the book. Zhang Yuanji (1867‒1959), the famed publisher, educator and philologist, listed this title in his work Baolitang Song ben shu lu (Catalog of Song rare books in the Baolitang Library) under the heading of classics. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Pan Shizi of the Pan family donated the book to the nation. It is now in the National Library of China.

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Huang Tang, Liangzhedong Lu, China


Title in Original Language

礼记正义 : 七十卷

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5 volumes ; 32.5 x 23.3 centimeters


  • Only preface and juan 1-9 are included in the WDL presentation.

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