Pushto‒Urdu Dictionary of Khairullah


Kitāb K̲h̲airullug̲h̲āt yaʻnī Pushto Urdū Lugh̲āt (Pushto‒Urdu Dictionary of Khairullah) was published in a lithographic version in Lahore in 1906. The author, Qazi Khairullah, took six years to produce the work. Khairullah, who is pictured in a simple drawing at the beginning of the book, was a church missionary and teacher of Pushto. The book has a preface in Urdu (pages 1‒3), in which the author discusses the importance of having a Pushto‒Urdu dictionary and its use as a supplementary book for schools that were being established in the borderland regions of the Northwest Frontier Province of British India. This is followed by a brief essay (pages 3‒6) in Urdu, “Tārīkh-i Zabān-i Pushto” (History of the Pushto language), in which the author identifies Pushto as an Indo-European language (like Persian, Latin, and Sanskrit). He states that there is no textual evidence predating the arrival of Islam to support that Pushto had an ancient alphabet. The bulk of the work (pages 7‒192) is the Pushto‒Urdu vocabulary. The dictionary does not include the many words in Pushto that start with the letter ya, the last letter of Pushto alphabet. The volume presented here is the first Pushto‒Urdu dictionary ever compiled. It was produced at a period in the history in the Northwest Frontier Province when Pushto- and Urdu-speaking peoples were interacting with each other in increasing numbers through contacts with the British Indian Army and at schools in the region.

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Navalkishor Gais Prinṭing Varks, Lahore

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کتاب خيراللغات يعني پشتو اردو لغات

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192 pages : illustration ; 24 centimeters

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