The Way of Pushto Language or Pushto Grammar


Da Puṣhto da Zhabe Liyārah Liyā Puṣhto Ṣarf aw Naḥo (The way of Pushto language or Pushto grammar) is a language textbook. The author, Muhammad Gul Momand, was a famous (and controversial) Pushto literary-political nationalist. He appears to have written the book in Balkh, Afghanistan, where he was posted as governor in the 1920s. It was published in Lahore in 1938 by the Feroz Printing Press, at a time when Afghan Pushtun nationalist literati were advocating the institutionalization of the Pushto language throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan. The contents of the book include an 11-page preface, two main sections, and a supplementary section at the end. In his long preface Momand emphasizes the importance of language for the development of every nation. He suggests that formalization and nationalization of the Pushto language is directly related to the well-being of Pushtun individuals, society, culture, and identity. Section one is on morphology. It has three sub-sections: on the parts of speech; on lexicology, negation, pluralization, gender, and gerunds; and on prepositions. Section two is devoted to syntax and discusses sentence structure and formation. The supplementary section at the end was prepared by another author, Abdul Azim Safi, and includes a list of infinitives. The pages are numbered. Momand mentions in the preface two other individuals who assisted in the production of the book, Mohammad Qasim Khan Ibrahim Khele and Mullah Obaidullah Khan Safi. The book seems to have been produced for a Pushtun audience as well as for non-Pushto speakers interested in learning the language.

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Feroz Printing Press, Lahore


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د پشتو د ژبه لياره ليا پښتو صرف آو نحو

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495 pages ; 18 centimeters

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