Guidebook for the Driving of Motor Vehicles and Carts in Afghanistan


Uṣūlnāmah-ʼi mūtur rānī va gādī rānī (Guidebook for the driving of motor vehicles and carts in Afghanistan) is a handbook for drivers in Afghanistan. The book was published in 1,000 copies on December 26, 1939, corresponding to the early reign of Mohammed Zahir Shah (reigned 1933–73). The text is presented in the two principal languages of Afghanistan, Pushto and Dari, in side-by-side columns. The stipulations treat the operation of vehicles by foreign nationals (both those within the foreign diplomatic corps and non-diplomats) as well as Afghan citizens. Other stipulations relate to license plates, age limits and other qualifications for drivers, and the draught animals used for drawing carts. The work is similar to Uṣūlnāmah-ʼi taʼziyahʹdāri dar Afghānistān (Guidebook for visits of condolence in Afghanistan), also published in 1939, in that both books reflect the modernization and expansion of the Afghan state in this period.

Last updated: August 31, 2016