The Book of Sixty Sciences


Kitāb al-Sittinī (The book of sixty sciences) is a scientific encyclopedia written by one of the foremost intellectuals of the 12th century, the Persian philosopher Fakhr al-Din Razi (1149 or 1150‒1210). Razi dedicated his work, which is also known as Jāmiʻ al-ʻulūm (The encyclopedia of sciences) to ʻAlaʼ ad-Din Tekish, the Khwarazmshahi ruler (reigned 1172–1200), near the beginning of the latter’s reign. As the title suggests, Razi treats 60 distinct branches of knowledge in his work, ranging from al-kalam (theology) to adab al-muluk (the conduct of kings). It is unfortunate that only portions of this important work have been subject to modern critical studies. The edition presented here is a lithographic print that was published by the Muzaffari Press in Bombay (present-day Mumbai, India), in the month of Ramadan, 1323 AH (March‒April 1905).

Last updated: September 30, 2016