Handbook of Mohammedan Law, in the Malaysian Language; Based on the Original


Handboek van het Mohammedaansche regt, in de Maleische taal; naar oorspronkelijke (Handbook of Mohammedan law, in the Malaysian language; based on the original) is a lengthy text about Islamic law, edited by Albert Meursinge (1812‒50), doctor of literature and letters at the Royal Academy in Delft, the Netherlands. The work is written in Malay using Arabic script. The book has a foreword in Dutch by Meursinge, in which he notes the difficulties that Dutch and other European scholars had in understanding the sources and different schools in Islamic law, and writes: "In considering these difficulties, associated with the compilation of a suitable Compendium [of Mohammedan law], I had the idea that there might be some useful material in an extensive reference text about Mohammedan law, written in the Malaysian language and in the possession of Professor Reinwardt, who had received it during his scientific travels in the East Indian Archipelago as a gift from the Rajah of Gorontalo." Caspar Georg Carl Reinwardt (1773‒1854) was a Prussian-born botanist who was a professor for many years at Leiden University in the Netherlands, where he specialized in the plants of Indonesia. In addition to the foreword and the main text, the book contains a glossary of Arabic words, mainly relating to law, not commonly found in dictionaries, and their Dutch equivalents. This copy of Handboek van het Mohammedaansche regt, published in Amsterdam in 1844, is from the collections of the Law Library of the Library of Congress.

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J. Müller, Amsterdam

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Handboek van het Mohammedaansche regt, in de Maleische taal; naar oorspronkelijke

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404 pages ; 22 centimeters

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