Some Plants of the Zor Hills, Koweit, Arabia. Records of the Botanical Survey of India, Volume VI, Number 6


Some Plants of the Zor Hills, Koweit, Arabia is a botanical catalog of the plants found on the northern shore of the Bay of Kuwait around what is today Jal Az-Zor National Park in Kuwait. Plants are listed by their botanical and local names in Arabic and Persian. The book includes notes on the distribution of plants in the area discussed and elsewhere in the Persian Gulf region and beyond; the economic uses of plants are also noted. Plant specimens from this region were collected around 1907 by Sir Percy Cox (1864‒1937) with assistance from Stuart Knox (1869‒1956), both British political officers assigned to the Persian Gulf. The specimens were forwarded to Calcutta for further study and eventual description in this work. The author, Humphrey Gilbert-Carter (1884‒1969), was an authority on the flora of India and the British Isles, a physician, and a talented linguist. He served as economic botanist to the Botanical Survey of India (BSI) from 1913 until 1921, after which he became curator of the Cambridge University Herbarium, and also taught at the university. This work is the sixth number in the sixth volume of the Botanical Survey of India. It was published in 1917. Other works in this volume cover the flora of parts of India, the Malay Peninsula, Myanmar (Burma), and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The BSI was established in 1890 for the purpose of identifying the plants of India and their economic value. European interest in the flora of India dates to the earliest days of exploration and colonial expansion. Beginning in the 16th century, the Portuguese, Dutch, and British collected and studied native plants. As the lands under control of the British East India Company grew in extent, so too did the study of plant life in the north and northwest of the Indian subcontinent. Economic and imperial expansion extended the surveys beyond the borders of British India to Myanmar (Burma) and the Arabian Peninsula.

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Government Printing Office, Calcutta

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Some plants of the Zor hills, Koweit, Arabia, Vol. 6, No. 6

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29 pages ; 25 centimeters


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