The Anglo-Russian Rivalry in Nineteenth Century Asia: Persian Gulf, Frontiers of India


La rivalité anglo-russe au XIXe siècle en Asie: golfe Persique, frontières de l'Inde (The Anglo-Russian rivalry in 19th century Asia: Persian Gulf, frontiers of India) is a history of the competition between the British and Russian Empires over territories lying between their respective dominions in Asia. Russian expansion into Central Asia and British penetration east of Suez to the Indian subcontinent led the two powers into this diplomatic and military competition, which became known as the Great Game. The author, Alphonse Rouire (1855‒1917), was a French physician and writer on geographical and historical topics concerning Asia and Africa. The book is based on articles that he published over a five-year period in the French intellectual monthly Revue des Deux Mondes (Journal of two worlds). It contains chapters on England in Arabia, England and Russia in Persia, the English and the Russians in Afghanistan, the English in Tibet, and the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907. Rouire analyses Anglo-Russian tensions in these regions, and concludes that the rivalry between the two empires ended happily with the signing of the “wise” and “durable” Anglo-Russian Convention, which he optimistically predicts would become “one of the best measures of world peace.” The book was published in 1908 by Armand Colin, the French academic press founded in 1870. It contains a fold-out map of the region.

Last updated: September 28, 2016