Of the Jews of Yemen


This booklet is a collection of essays on Yemeni Jews. It was published in Berlin in 1913 on behalf of the Hilfskomitee für die Yemenitischen Juden (Assistance Committee for the Yemeni Jews), a Berlin-based Jewish organization dedicated to the resettlement  of Yemeni Jews in the Holy Land as part of the “overall Jewish colonization in Palestine.” The booklet contains five short essays, an introduction, and a conclusion. Written by different authors, the essays discuss such issues as the “origins of the Yemeni Jews; the conditions under which they live; the poverty, persecution, and oppression they suffer; and the rescue they are offered.” The text is illustrated by reproductions of 24 photographs depicting the lives of Yemeni Jews, both in Yemen and Palestine. Most of the original images were taken by German photographer and explorer Hermann Burchardt (1857–1909), who was also the author of one of the essays. Burchardt traveled extensively in North Africa and Arabia, including three trips to Yemen, which was at the time a province of the Ottoman Empire. He was ambushed and murdered in 1909 during his third trip to Yemen, while en route from Mocha to Sanaʻa.

Last updated: March 17, 2016