The Biblical Geography of Asia Minor, Phœnicia, and Arabia


Ernst Friedrich Karl Rosenmüller (1768‒1835) was a German Orientalist and theologian. He was born in Hesselberg, Bavaria, and studied in Erlangen, Giessen, and in Leipzig under his father Johann Georg, also a theologian. The younger Rosenmüller became professor of Arabic and Oriental languages at Leipzig, where he devoted many years to his colossal, 24-part collection, Scholia in Vetus Testamentum, a major exegetical work on the Old Testament. The Biblical Geography of Asia Minor, Phœnicia, and Arabia is a translation from the German of volume 34 of Rosenmüller’s Biblical Cabinet, a collection drawn from his works. The book covers the scriptural geography of Asia Minor, Phoenicia, and Arabia. The latter is divided into the three parts of Arabia Petraea, Arabia Deserta, and Arabia Felix, as in the traditional Greek and Roman division of the peninsula. The translator was the Reverend Nathaniel Morren (1798–1847), a Scottish minister and author. The book starts with a list of the biblical places in each of these regions. It then provides, with supporting references from the Bible, an account of the place in question, detailing its geographical location, etymology, and Biblical significance. Additional places, which are listed in an appendix, are taken from the Biblical researches in Palestine conducted by American biblical scholar Edward Robinson (1794–1863) and American Protestant missionary and scholar Eli Smith (1801–57). Smith is known for having brought to Syria the first printing press with Arabic type. He also headed a team tasked with translating the Bible into Arabic. He died before finishing his mission, which was completed under the leadership of fellow American missionary Cornelius Van Dyck (1818‒95).

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Thomas Clark, Edinburgh

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The Biblical geography of Asia Minor, Phœnicia, and Arabia. The Biblical Cabinet; or Hermeneutical, Exegetical and Philological Library. Volume XXXIV

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363 pages ; 17 centimeters


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