Qing Dynasty Map of the Yellow River Embankment Project


Presented here is Qing dai Huanghe he gong tu (Qing dynasty map of the Yellow River Embankment Project), created by Cha Yun (died January 4,1898), a deputy inspector for river administration during the Tongzhi reign (1862‒74) of the Qing dynasty. Many maps of rivers and river administration were made during the Qing, directly related to the history of the Qing dynasty river conservancy. This map was made using images that depict, vividly and in great detail, the river features such as dikes during the Tongzhi reign, as well as prefectures, districts, counties, and villages. The map covers the Yellow River from Tongguan of Shaanxi to Lijin of Shandong. It is an officially authorized map and an important source for studying the Yellow River conservancy during the Qing dynasty.

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Kaifeng, Henan


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2 volumes ; 25.8 x 272.8 centimeters and 25.8 x 124 centimeters

Last updated: August 31, 2017