Revised Edition of the Story of the Poem Written on the Red Leaf by Court Lady Han: Two Juan


This Southern drama Ti hong ji (Story of the poem written on the red leaf) was written by Wang Jide (died 1623), based on Hong ye ji (Story of the red leaf), written by his grandfather Wang Lufeng. The play has 36 scenes in two juan. It tells the story of the court lady Han Cuiping, who composed a poem on a red leaf that floated out of the palace drain and was received by scholar Yu You, and of their eventual happy union. The original story came from Liu hong ji (Story of a poem on a floating red leaf), a novel by Zhang Shi of the Song. It is also adapted from Han Cuiping yu gou liu hong ji (Han Cuiping floats her poem on a red leaf through the palace drain) by the renowned Yuan playwright Bai Pu. Wang Jide, courtesy names Boliang and Boji, style names Fangzhusheng and Qinlou Waishi, born in Kuaiji (present-day Shaoxing, Zhejiang), was a Ming playwright and a drama theorist. The copy presented here was printed by Jizhizhai, the publishing house owned by the Chen family, one of the larger publishers in Nanjing during the late Wanli period (1573‒1620) of the Ming dynasty, and the most prominent publisher of popular dramas.

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Jizhizhai, Nanjing, China


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2 volumes : illustrations ; 26.8 x 17 centimeters

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