Collected Works of Weinan: 50 Juan


Weinan wen ji (Collected works of Weinan) is a prose collection compiled by Lu You (1125‒1210). Lu was given the title of duke of Weinan in his later life, thus the title of this work. The collection was published by Liyang Xuegong (Liyang Academy) in the 13th year (1220) of the Jiading reign of Southern Song, by the order of Lu You’s son Lu Ziyu, a magistrate of Liyang at the time. According to Lu Ziyu’s postscript, the compilation of this work began in Lu You’s lifetime, and the title and the arrangement of the text were also adopted from Lu You’s original intentions, as he stated that “the name Jiannan has already been used for my poems, it should not be used for the prose.” Thus, Weinan was adopted for the prose collection. In the sixth volume are some of his other works, Mu dan pu (Handbook on peonies), Ru Shu ji (Diary of a trip to Shu), and his Yuefu poems. Among the printers of this book the names Chen Bin, Wu Chun, and others can be found, all outstanding engravers of Hangzhou. In the text, the last stroke of the character “you” in the author’s name was left out, a practice that avoided the taboo words of the time. Si ku quan shu zong mu ti yao (Annotated bibliography of the complete imperial library) states that “Lu You was famous for his poetry, but not his prose. The scope of the prose collected here is narrow, but shows the influence of the style in writings of the Yuanyou period of Northern Song. Therefore, the roots do not need to be deep as long as they are clean and cultivated; and the waves do not need to be wide as long as no yardstick is missing.” Other than the Liyang edition, no other Song editions have been found. This copy was formerly in Jiangyunlou (Crimson Cloud Pavilion), the collection of Qian Qianyi, and it was later collected by Huang Pilie, Wang Shizhong, and others during the Qing. At the end of the work is a long handwritten postscript by Huang Pilie, detailing the history of its provenance and his acquisition of the book. The prefaces, table of contents, and juan 1‒14 are presented here.

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Liyang Academy, Liyang, China


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渭南文集 : 五十卷

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6 volumes ; 22.3 x 16.2 centimeters

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