Legends of Saints


The codex Helgonlegender (Legends of the saints) consists of fragments of 26 different legends in Old Icelandic, written by two different scribes. The Legends of the Saints genre represents a major part of early Nordic literature, particularly in the 14th century. The codex is bound in stout wooden boards and is rather badly worn by soot and smoke. It was bought in Iceland in 1682 by Jón Eggertsson (1643‒89) on behalf of the Swedish Antikvitetskollegium (College of Antiquities) and was brought to Stockholm in 1683. Since 1780 it has been part of the manuscript holdings of the National Library of Sweden. The codex contains the following texts: 1. The Saga of Archbishop Thomas; 2. The Saga of Bishop Martin; 3. The Saga of Archbishop Nicholas; 4. The Saga of Bishop Ambrose; 5. The Saga of Dionysius; 6. The Saga of Sylvester; 7.The Saga of Gregory; 8. The Saga of Augustine; 9. The Saga of Blaise; 10. The Saga of Stephen; 11. The Saga of Lawrence; 12. The Saga of Vincent the Deacon; 13. The Saga of Benedict; 14. The Saga of Paul the Hermit; 15. The Saga of Maurus; 16. The Saga of Mary of Egypt; 17. The Saga of Martha and Mary Magdalene; 18. The Saga of Catherine; 19. The Saga of Barbara; 20. The Saga of Lucy; 21. The Saga of Cecilia; 22. The Saga of Agatha the Virgin; 23. The Saga of Agnes the Virgin; 24. Faith, Hope, and Charity; 25. Flagellation of the Cross; and 26. The Saga of Maurice.

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86 leaves : parchment ; 30 x 23.5 centimeters


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