About Patience


Battista Spagnoli (Giovanni Baptista Spagnoli Mantuanus, 1448–1516) was a Carmelite monk, poet, philosopher, and theologian. He produced a large and diverse body of work, including religious, philosophical, and ethical writings and several panegyrics. De patientia (About patience) is a treatise that counsels patience and the acceptance of pain as a way of purification and spiritual elevation and of coming closer to God. Published in Brescia, Italy, in 1497, the work is in three books. It is dedicated to Carolus Antonius Fantucius, a patrician from Bologna who was a donor to the monastery and was very ill. For Renaissance readers, the work would have recalled a book of the same title, De patientia, by the early Christian theologian Tertullian (circa 160–circa 230). Constantin Karadja (1889–1950), a Romanian book collector and bibliophile who was once the owner of this incunabulum, wrote on the flyleaf that the book contains one of the earliest published references to Columbus’s discovery of America.

Last updated: March 23, 2017