Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich, Son of Emperor Nicholas I


Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolaevich of Russia (1832‒1909) was the seventh child and fourth son of Tsar Nicholas I (1796‒1855) and his wife Alexandra, formerly Princess Charlotte of Prussia. The full-length photograph was taken in the 1860s by Edward Westly, about whom little is known, and is preserved in the Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents, Moscow. The grand duke is dressed in military uniform and decorations, his right thumb hooked into his jacket, with his cockaded hat held in his left hand. He is standing in a room with heavy drapery and decorative plasterwork. Mikhail Nikolaevich was governor-general of Caucasia for almost 20 years, with his seat in Tbilisi. He was a field marshal and chairman of the State Council of Russia from 1881 to 1905. His marriage to Olga Feodorovna, formerly Princess Cäcilie of Baden, took place in 1857 and resulted in seven children.

Last updated: December 7, 2016