A Detailed Description of the Festive Procession into the Imperial City of Moscow and the Sacramental Coronation of Her Imperial Majesty, August Sovereign, Grand Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, Autocrat of All Russia


Presented here is a ceremonial volume published to mark the coronation in 1742 of Empress Elizabeth I (1709‒61, reigned 1742‒61), whose full title was Her Imperial Majesty, August Sovereign, Grand Empress Elizaveta Petrovna, Autocrat of All Russia. The book contains a detailed description of the festive procession into Moscow on February 28 and the sacramental coronation on April 25 and lists of the nobles and other dignitaries in the procession prior to the coronation. Following long-standing tradition, the coronation ceremony took place in the Cathedral of the Dormition in the Kremlin. The volume describes the ringing of all church bells in the city of Moscow on the eve of the coronation, the balls held to celebrate the event, and how the empress received the nobility and foreign ambassadors after her coronation and threw gold coins out of the window for the common people gathered outside. The celebrations continued for more than a month before ending on June 7 with illuminations on the streets of Moscow. The book is illustrated with engravings that include a frontispiece portrait of Elizabeth, views of the triumphant gates through which she passed, of her carriage surrounded by soldiers, and the throne on which she sat at the Cathedral of the Dormition. Other engravings include a plan of the interior of the cathedral and illustrations of the state sword and seal, the empress’s mantle, the royal orb, scepter, and crown, and views of the coronation ceremony both inside and outside the cathedral. The coronation of the empress revealed a tendency to spend lavishly; for example, two fountains were set up in Moscow, one for red wine and the other one for white. The book was published in 1744 by the Imperial Academy of Sciences in Saint Petersburg. This copy, one of an initial print run of 600, is from the holdings of the Russian State Library.

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Russian Imperial Academy of Science, St. Petersburg


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Обстоятельное описание Торжественныхъ Порядковъ благополучнаго вшествiя въ царствующiй градъ Москву и священнѣйшаго коронованiя Ея Августѣйшаго Императорскаго Величества Всепресвѣтлѣйшiя Державнѣйшiя Великiя Государыни Императрицы Елисаветъ Петровны Самодержицы Всероссiйской, еже бысть вшествiе 28 февраля, коронованiе 25 апрѣля 1742 года

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168 pages : illustrations

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