Outcome of the Quest Regarding the Knowledge


Natījat al-maṭlūbāt fī ma‘rifat al-ḥummayāt (Outcome of the quest regarding the knowledge of fevers) is a rare medical work on fevers. The author, Bulus ibn Qustantin al-Malaki al-Shaburi, is known only through this one surviving work, which is composed in 30 chapters and a conclusion. The chapters treat fevers in all of their varieties, including sunukhus (from the Greek synochus, meaning continued or unremitting fever) and al-diqq (hectic or deep-rooted fever). The conclusion deals with the treatment of side-effects, including al-sahr (sleeplessness), al-hathayan (delirium), and al-aṭash al-shadīd (intense thirst). In the introduction, the author mentions some of the medical texts upon which he based his work, including Ghāyat al-itqān (The limit of improvement) by Ibn Sallum (died 1081 AH, 1670‒71). This allows for a rough dating of the Natījat al-maṭlūbāt to the end of the 17th or the early 18th century. The manuscript presented here includes catchwords and rubrication, and is dated to 1168 AH (1754‒55). The title page includes what appears to be an erroneous title al-Mukhtaṣar fī al-ḥummayāt (A compendium on fevers).

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نتيجة المطلوبات فى معرفة الحميات

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Last updated: June 16, 2016