Discourse on Practical Medicine


Kalamāt fī al-ibb al-ʻamalī (Discourse on practical medicine) is a medical text that describes a number of ailments and their cures. The first section of the book is a short description of the various qualities of al-hararah (hotness, described as simple hotness, as well as the conditions caused by the two hot humors, blood and yellow bile) and al-barudah (coldness, both simple and caused by black bile and phlegm). The subsequent section, fi al-amrad (On illnesses), begins with medical conditions associated with the head, the thorax, and the digestive and urinary systems, before concluding with a discussion of different types of fevers. The short colophon does not list the name of the author but it offers an alternate (and perhaps more suitable) title for the work, Muntakhab al-ṭibb (Selected topics in medicine). It includes, in addition, the short Persian phrase tamam shud (The end), and the name of the scribe Ghulam Muhyi al-Din. The date of completion is also listed here as June 25, 1910. The Western date and the Persian text both suggest an Indian provenance for this work.

Last updated: August 15, 2017