New and Precise Depiction of the Southern Part of America, Which Includes: Brazil, the Carribean, the New Kingdom of Guiana, Castilia del Oro, Nicaragua, the Antilles, and Peru: And Beneath the Tropic of Capricorn, Chile, the Rio de la Plato, Patagonia & the Straits of Magellan


This folding map of South America and the West Indies, printed on two separate sheets, with uncut margins, was engraved for the second edition of the fourth part of Hulsius' collection of voyages, which consists altogether of 26 parts. The "Vierte Schiffart" (Fourth voyage) is an account of Ulrich Schmidel's voyage to Brazil and the Rio de la Plata from 1534 to 1554. In this second edition of the map, three islands have been inserted below the bottom border of the lower map, with the name "Francisci Draco Ins." These islands, now the Queen Elizabeth Islands, had appeared on maps since Hakluyt published a new map of America in his Latin edition of Pietro Martire d'Anghiera's De Orbe Nouo Decades Octo (The eight decades of Peter Martyr d'Anghera) in 1587. During his passage through the Strait of Magellan, Drake had made the discovery that Tierra del Fuego (Terra del Fogo) was an island. Several new names were added to this edition of the map along the west coast of South America; the plate mark "No. 2" was also added in the lower left corner of the lower map.

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Nova et Exacta Delineatio Americae Partis Australis. que est : Brasilia, Caribana, Guiana Regnum Novum, Castilia del Oro, Nicaragua, Insulae Antillas et Peru : et sub Tropico Capricorni, Chile, Rio della Plata, Patagonu, & Fretu Magellanicū

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1 map on two sheets ; 46 x 32 centimeters on 2 folded sheets (27 x 33 centimeters and 23 x 32 centimeters)


  • Scale approximately 1:22,000,000

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