The Delight of Assemblies


Ṭarab al-majālis (The delight of assemblies) is a book of moral advice written in the 13th century by Husayn ibn ʻAlim, also known as Mir Husayni Haravi (1272 or 1273‒circa 1317), a well-known Sufi. Born in Ghor (in present-day Afghanistan), the author appears to have spent much of his adult life in nearby Herat, hence the appellation Haravi. The work is divided into five sections: creation; various classes of human beings; the superiority of humans to animals; ethical behavior; and vice. The edition presented here is a lithographic printing produced in Tashkent, Russian Turkestan (present-day Uzbekistan) in 1914‒15, during the waning years of the tsarist empire. It was published at the Yakovlev printing press, which was known for printing works in Persian and other non-European languages during the first decades of the 20th century. The book has sustained considerable damage to a number of its initial and final leaves and has been partially repaired.

Last updated: September 30, 2016