Doctor Hermann Haack: How a School Wall Map is Created


Justus Perthes was a prominent German cartographic publishing firm founded in 1785 by Johann Georg Justus Perthes (1749–1816) and operated by his descendants into the 20th century. Based in Gotha, the firm published the work of such prominent cartographers as August Heinrich Petermann (1822−78). This print shows three building views of the Justus Perthes Geographisches Anstalt (Geographic Institute) that was part of the firm and directed for a time by Petermann. The illustrations at the bottom show the process used in the creation and printing of Justus Perthes maps. This print also appeared in a small volume published by the firm entitled Wie eine Schulwandkarte entsteht: eine Führung durch die lithographischen Werkstätten von Justus Perthes Geographischer Anstalt (How a school wall map is created: A guide to the lithographic workshops of the Justus Perthes’ Geographic Institute), which also contained a catalog of maps for schools sold by the firm. The book is by Doctor Hermann Haack (1872–1966), a leading German cartographer and friend of the Perthes family, who worked for many years at the geographical institute. In 1912 he founded the German Association of School Geographers.

Last updated: April 13, 2016