The "Graphic" Statistical Maps of Ireland


This set of six statistical maps provides an economic and demographic overview of Ireland in the first half of the 1880s. Color coding is used to show population density, education, religion, agricultural production, wealth (measured by the value of taxed property), and poverty for each of the 32 counties. Small tables in the lower right of each map provide the same data in numerical form for the four provinces into which the counties of Ireland are grouped. Among the notable facts that can be gleaned from the map is the overwhelming predominance of Roman Catholicism in all parts of the country except for Ulster (and especially Antrim and Down, the only counties with a Catholic population of less than 25-30 percent); the high level of “pauperism” (measured as the share of the population receiving some form of relief) in certain southern counties, notably Limerick and Kildare; and the national illiteracy rate of about 25 percent, with a particular concentration of 37.9 percent (more than 40 percent among females) in the province of Connaught. The maps originally appeared as a supplement to The Graphic, a popular British weekly illustrated newspaper published in London.

Last updated: April 13, 2016