Freshwater Fish of Canada


André-Napoléon Montpetit (1840–98) was an author, a journalist, and the father of economist and professor Édouard Montpetit. An avid angling enthusiast, Montpetit showed exceptional talent for observing fish, their behaviors, and their habitats. This work, which is specific to Quebec, illustrates the author’s rich empirical knowledge as well as his familiarity with the works about fish of European and North American naturalists. Elegantly written, the book was praised both by fishermen and naturalists alike. It includes fine prints, several of which are in color, and an index. The book begins with an introductory chapter that discusses such topics as size and shape, spawning and reproduction, the different parts of the body, respiration and circulation of the blood, and even such topics as whether fish can make sounds and their level of intelligence. This is followed by chapters on the various freshwater fishes of Canada, including bream, carp, eel, perch, sturgeon, salmon, trout, and many others. Throughout, the book provides advice on how to catch the various types of fish, including the bait, lures, lines, hooks, nets, and methods to be used.

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C.O. Beauchemin and Son, Montréal


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Les poissons d'eau douce du Canada

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552 pages : illustrations, color plates ; 27 centimeters

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