Journal of an Expedition against the Iroquois in 1687


Louis-Henri de Baugy (died 1720), known as Chevalier de Baugy, was from a noble family in the French province of Berry. He arrived in Canada in October 1682. He served as aide-de-camp to the Marquis de Denonville in his 1687 campaign against the Senecas, one of the Iroquois nations hostile to the French. Baugy left a detailed account of this expedition, during which the French and their Indian allies ransacked four enemy villages, including their cornfields. Presented here is an 1883 edition of Baugy’s Journal d'une expédition contre les Iroquois en 1687 (Journal of an expedition against the Iroquois in 1687), edited by and with an introduction by Ernest Hubert Auguste Serrigny (1840‒1909)‏. The second part of the volume is a collection of documents relating to Baugy’s activities in North America between 1682 and 1689, including letters to his brother and various official documents. A table of contents listing these documents appears at the end of the work. Upon his arrival in New France, Baugy was involved as a lieutenant in the efforts by Governor-General Joseph-Antoine Lefebvre de la Barre to cut back the power of Robert Cavelier de La Salle in the Great Lakes region and to divert the fur trade of the Illinois country, then controlled by La Salle, to Montreal. Baugy returned to France in 1689, where he was seigneur of Villecien, Villevallier, Fay, and other places, and lived in his chateau at Villecien.

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