Topographical, Historical, and Statistical Map of the City of San Salvador de Bayamo


Rafael Rodríguez Rodríguez was a Spanish soldier, surveyor, and geographer whose principal cartographic works were published between 1840 and 1870. He compiled and created the first atlas of Cuba, which was published under the title Atlas Cubano (The Cuban atlas) in 1841. An assistant to the artillery corps, Rodríguez achieved the rank of captain of artillery. He carried out military topographical work on the island, and in 1844 became a member of the government statistical commission. Presented here is one of 16 maps that make up the Atlas Cubano, a planimetric view of Bayamo, one of the most important cities in Cuba in the 1840s. The legend of the map makes it clear that by 1841, Bayamo was a well-developed city, with many churches, a hospital, jail, chapter house, theater, and other public buildings. The scale is given in varas castellanas (Castilian yards, an old unit of measurement that varied with time and place, equivalent to about 0.84 meters). Below the map are geographical, historical, and statistical notes on Bayamo and a chronology of important events from 1551 to 1836.  Founded by Governor Diego Velázquez on the November, 5, 1513, as San Salvador de Bayamo, it was the second city established in Cuba by the Spanish. Today it is the chief municipality of Granma Province. It is one of the most important and wealthiest cities in Cuban history, a major industrial city and a center of economic, social, and cultural development for the province. It is also considered the birthplace of Cuban nationality, where for the first time the national anthem of Cuba was sung.

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La Real Sociedad Patriótica, Havana, Cuba


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Plano Topográfico, Histórico y Estadístico de La Ciudad de San Salvador de Bayamo

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1 map ; paper : 39 x 50 centimeters


  • Plate 2 in Atlas Cubano (The Cuban atlas), 1841

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