Rapid Healing


Sadr al-Din Ali al-Gilani al-Hindi (died April 10, 1609) was a renowned physician of the 16th century. His uncle was a physician and may have served as Sadr al-Din’s first teacher. Sadr al-Din completed his studies in Persia (likely in his region of birth, Gilan), and subsequently emigrated to India and the court of Akbar I (reigned 1556–1605). Presented here is an 18th century manuscript of Sadr al-Din’s al-Shifā’ al-ʻājil (Rapid healing). In the introduction, the author states that he composed this work in response to Razi’s Bur’ al-sa’a (The book of instant recovery). Sadr al-Din is also the author of a well-regarded commentary on Avicenna’s al-Qānūn fī al-ṭibb (Canon of medicine). The colophon of this work is in Persian, and the scribe, Ghulam Muhammad Pursururi, lists the completion date for the manuscript as Dhū Qaʻda 17, 1173 AH (July 1, 1760). Based on Qānūncha (The little canon) by Mahmud ibn Muhammad al-Jaghmini, which was completed by the same scribe the following month, the provenance of this manuscript is likely the city of Sialkot in present-day Pakistan.

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الشفاء العاجل

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74 folios ; 195 x 113 millimeters



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