Peasant Yard in Valaská Village


Sedliacky dvor vo Valaskej (Peasant yard in Valaská Village) is one of the oldest and most valuable treasures by Jozef Murgaš (1864‒1929) in the collection of the Slovak National Library. This oil painting by Murgaš shows a light-filled village yard with a poor wooden cottage and farmyard buildings framing a courtyard with a cradle tripod at its center. Murgaš completed the painting in about 1895, while he was still a chaplain, after returning to Slovakia from his studies in Munich. The painting has no signature or copyright markings. Murgaš, who was a Roman Catholic priest, studied art in Budapest and Munich and created a number of altarpieces. He moved to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, in 1896 to minister to local Slovaks and was a signatory to the 1918 Pittsburgh Agreement supporting the creation of Czechoslovakia. He is mostly remembered as an inventor, primarily as a pioneer of wireless telegraphy, a field in which he held a number of patents. He also invented the spinning reel for fishing rods.

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Sedliacky dvor vo Valaskej

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1 painting : oil-based paint ; 420 x 307 millimeters


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