Seven Centuries of Monarchy and the Holy Crown of Hungary


De Monarchia Et Sacra Corona Regni Hungariae Centuriae Septem (Seven centuries of monarchy and the Holy Crown of Hungary) is a history of Hungary for 700 years up to the time when the book was written in the mid-17th century. The author, Peter Révai (also seen as Révay, 1568‒1622), was a historian and government official. He was the hereditary district administrator of Turiec District from 1598 and from 1608 was the guardian of the royal crown; he also served as royal adviser and was a judge of the royal table. The book was issued in 1659, 37 years after the author's death, by the provincial official František Nádašdy (also seen as Ferenc, 1625‒71). It also includes a chronological list of the Hungarian palatines from the year 1001 to 1655. The latter document was produced by Dutch historian Gaspar Jongelincx (died 1669), court historian to the Hungarian king, Leopold I (1640‒1705). The concluding pages in the volume contain a “Catalogus judicum curiae regiae per regnum Hungariae” (Record of the kingdom of Hungary as ruled by judgment of the court). Révai’s work offers the first extensive treatment of the Slavs in Hungarian historiography. In it the author explains the antiquity of the Slavs and documents their numbers, the vastness of the territories inhabited by them, and the prevalence of their languages. The opinions of Révai on the Slavs have long been the basis for the national-revivalist concept of Slovak history.

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Jakob Lasché, Frankfurt am Main


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De Monarchia Et Sacra Corona Regni Hvngariae Centuriae Septem, Auctore Petro De Rewa Comite Tvrocensi, Ejusdemque Sanctae Coronae Dvvmviro


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164 pages : illustrations ; 29 x 18 centimeters

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