Essay on the Amur Region in Connection with the Freight Turnover of the Planned Mid-Amur Railway


This book concerns the construction plans and predicted economic effects of the Mid-Amur Railway. The book was compiled in 1909 by N. A. Sakhanskii, the head of the engineering survey party that mapped out the rail route. It contains information on topographical relief, local plant and animal life, population size, mineral resources, trade and agriculture and regional industries, including prominent gold-mining and other extractive enterprises. The author estimates the extensive economic effects of the proposed railroad, and draws the predictable conclusion that the project is a necessity for such a thinly populated area as the Amur Region. This prediction proved accurate, as the local economy was primed to expand with the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The rail connection brought growth to the industrial and agricultural sectors of the regional economy along with a rapid population influx. In the absence of major roads, the railroad freight and shipping turnover increased steadily over the years. This book contains many photographs of Blagoveshchensk, the main city in this area, which was central to both gold mining and railway construction. Scenes from across the surrounding countryside are distributed throughout the text. The second half of the book contains 30 appendices that provide data on different national and regional economic indicators. These appendices include statistical tables on mining, agriculture and trade in the Amur Region. In the view of the author, most aspects of the regional economy stood to benefit from additional railroad construction. As was often the case with published Russian accounts during this time, there may be some exaggeration by the author. The end of the book contains a two-page list of primary sources upon which the information is based. These are mostly official government records and engineering reports. The table of contents lists an accompanying “Map of the Amur Region,” but it appears to be missing from this copy.

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A. Transheli︠a︡, St. Petersburg


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Очеркъ Амурской области въ связи с грузооборотомъ проектируемой Средне-Амурской желѣзной дороги

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272 pages ; 24 centimeters

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