Maps of Nicaragua, North and Central America: Population and Square Miles of Nicaragua, United States, Mexico, British and Central America, with Routes and Distances; Portraits of General Walker, Colonel Kinney, Parker H. French, and Views of the Battle of New-Orleans and Bunker Hill


This map reflects the tangled history of relations between the United States and Central America. In 1855-57, the American adventurer William Walker established himself as the dictator of Nicaragua with the help of disaffected Central Americans and a motley assortment of fellow adventurers from the United States. Walker had in mind the formation of a Central American federation with himself as leader. As a Southerner, he also was suspected of wanting to extend American slavery to new territories outside the United States. France and Britain, which had interests in Central America, opposed his schemes, as did many people in the United States and Central America. His plans ultimately ruined, on September 12, 1860, Walker was executed by a Honduran firing squad. The scenes on the map from the battles at Bunker Hill and New Orleans are not directly relevant to its subject, but reflect the nationalistic fervor of Walker’s supporters in the United States.

Last updated: September 3, 2015