Collection of Musical Hymns


This Sharaknots‘ (hymnal) published in 1712 reproduces engravings from an earlier Sharaknots‘ that was produced by the bishop and printer Oskan Erevants‘i (Oskan of Yerevan, 1614‒74) at his shop in Amsterdam. Khaz (musical notations) are shown. One new engraving, of Saint Hripsime (died 304), is included in this edition and can be seen on page 405 of the book (page 413 of this presentation). Hripsime was a beautiful young woman of Roman origin who fled to Armenia to escape persecution by the Roman emperor, Diocletian. A devoted Christian, she refused to marry the pagan King Tiridates III. By tradition, her death at the king’s hands began the events that led to the Christianization of Armenia.

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Oskan of Yerevan, Amsterdam


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Շարակնոց երաժշտական երգեցմունք

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720 pages : illustrations ; 17 centimeters


  • Pages 485‒86 (pages 495‒96 in this presentation) are a replacement leaf that was bound in, not from the original.

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