Central Asia. Edited According to the Latest Sources


This map covers Central Asia and adjoining regions, including eastern Persia and the lands stretching from east of the Caspian Sea to Mongolia and Tibet. It was published in 1880 in Vienna, Leipzig, and Pest (Hungary), based on the research of Josef (also seen as Joseph) Chavanne (1846−1902), an Austrian geographer, cartographer, and explorer. The map shows cities and towns, which are classified according to three different population sizes (fewer than 20,000, 20,000−50,000, and more than 50,000 inhabitants), as well as forts and fortified cities, wells, and topographic details, including mountains, deserts, swamps and salt lakes, and “known” and “presumed” courses of rivers. International borders and borders between governorates in the Russian Empire are shown. Elevations are given in meters. The map has four scales: kilometers, English miles, geographic miles, and Russian versts. Chavanne traveled extensively in America and Africa, but he does not appear to have personally visited the regions depicted on this map. He recorded his experiences in Africa in his Die Sahara, oder: Von Oase zu Oase (The Sahara, or:  From oasis to oasis) published in Vienna in 1879. Chavanne was admired in Europe not only for his geographic knowledge and cartographic skill but also for the ethnographic insights he drew from his own travels.

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A. Hartleben’s Publishing, Vienna, Pest, and Leipzig


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Central-Asien. Nach den neuesten Quellen bearbeitet

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1 map : color, mounted on linen ; 53 x 84 centimeters


  • Scale 1:5,000,000

Last updated: January 8, 2018