Skeleton Map of the Baluchistan and Sind Frontier


The Survey of India was founded in 1767 in order to map the vast holdings of the British East India Company. It remained in operation following Indian independence and is currently the national mapping organization of the government of India, under the Department of Science and Technology. The present map shows portions of Baluchistan, Sind, Punjab, and neighboring regions. It was originally produced in July 1886. The version shown here is a reprint from 1891, with updated information on political boundaries and railroads. The map was reproduced by photozincography, a photolithographic process that used zinc plates. It was published at the direction of Colonel Sir Henry Ravenshaw Thuillier (1838–1922), then surveyor-general of India. Sir Henry was educated at the Addiscombe Military Seminary (also known as the East India Company Military Seminary) south of London, and led the Survey of India from 1886 to his retirement in 1895. Sir Henry’s father, Sir Henry Edward Landor Thuillier, also led the Survey of India (from 1861 to 1878).

Last updated: January 8, 2018